"Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness. " ~ Rumi

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Do the Thing You LOVE

 When I was young, I never listened to my parents or anyone else in authority for that matter. Now, whenever I have a chance to talk to young people, I always share with them how it took me 50 years to figure out the important things in life and to realize I should have listened to those who came before me! I was so busy rebelling, doing the OPPOSITE of what I was told to do, that I never took the time to figure out who I was & what I wanted. Even today, I get so busy with day-to-day activities and obligations, I do not take the time to DREAM & reflect on how I can make a PERSONAL DIFFERENCE in the lives of others while fulfilling my own destiny. 

For the longest time I was so self absorbed in the details of daily living, that I did not see the bigger picture...the universe around me.
The universe is a GLORIOUS & MYSTICAL place.
  Photo courtesy of: Mr. Physics

In all of it's vastness, I am but a tiny microscopic dot. But, I was put here for a REASON. Think about it......we were ALL put here for a reason!!! And we were all given our own assignments ~ the talents, resources & instructions for fulfilling our own destinies & making a difference in this universe. We just have to be OPEN to it......we just have to LISTEN & to RECEIVE.

If you "Do what you love/Follow Your Bliss", then you ARE LISTENING. You will find so much JOY and FULFILLMENT in what you are doing.

So I tell young people.....don't fall into the trap of training/working at a  JOB just to get a paycheck. Money is not everything. If you are miserable on that job it is NOT WORTH IT. As long as you are in that miserable job, you are NOT fulfilling your destiny and robbing other people of theirs. We are all connected. What you do (or don't do) will have lasting effects on this planet & ultimately in our universe.

Close your eyes. Imagine that money is no object. You can chose to do anything in this world. What brings you the most JOY?

Now go & do THAT.

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