"Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness. " ~ Rumi

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to Kailua Town

Darling Husband & I are headed to "Kailua Town" to be with my Mother as she spends her last few days here on this earth. She is a beautiful, caring, loving, giving ARTIST & a light will go out in the heavens when she passes. Your good thoughts & prayers are appreciated for my Mom (Barbara) and her loving husband, my Dad, (Don) as he cares for her at home with the help of Hospice.

Photo courtesy of:  B Tal

 Her time has been too short, but while she was here she touched lives & brought beauty into this world. Her paintings are so JOYOUS, life affirming & inspirational.

Her Prayer Shawl Ministry will carry on through the selfless devotion of her dear friends. Her hand-knitted donations of scarves, mittens & hats are helping to keep the children of Bhutan warm. She has taught her family what it means to be compassionate, kind, caring & giving. She has been a dear friend to many. One person CAN make a difference.....

We love you Mom. It's just so sad that we are losing you. Our hearts are breaking.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Says it Costs too Much to Eat Healthy & Organic ?!?!?!?

1 lb. green beans, bunch collards, 3 onions, 3 bell peppers, 4 zucchini, 4 summer squash, basket of cherry tomatoes and a quart of fresh picked blackberries ~ $12.00!!!
Our local Farmer's Market....."PRICELESS".
The alternative...
Photo courtesy of: size8jeans

2 Quarter Pounders:  $4.98
Large orders of fries: $1.60
Large Frappe: $3.29
2 Cookies: $1.60
Total $11.47
Photo courtesy of: Steve Rhodes

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Creative Color Challenge ~ Week One ~ Sunflower Yellow

THE CHALLENGE: to explore a different color to create with each week in August. 

Join me in Louise Gale's fun filled challenge!   I am doing this to push myself outside of my comfort zone. For some reason I have a FEAR of color. My art, my home & my wardrobe all reflect my love for all things NEUTRAL ~ white, cream, sepia & black. This month, I am embracing COLOR. I will be experimenting with different shades & hues of COLOR to see what emotions they invoke in me.

Week One ~ Sunflower Yellow

 Yellow...I am feeling HAPPY, HOPEFUL, JOYOUS! Yellow is such a cheerful color.

Photo courtesy of: renaissancechambara

I am reminded of the warm sun on my skin, the fragrance of yellow flowers, the hopefulness of yellow ribbons tied around tree trunks.

So..."flowers" got me thinking...here is my artistic offering for week one:

Yellow Button Bouquet available at: