"Something opens our wings. Something makes boredom and hurt disappear. Someone fills the cup in front of us: We taste only sacredness. " ~ Rumi

Monday, October 19, 2009

Do You Hate Housework?!?

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My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance. Seriously, who in their right mind ENJOYS housework? Darling Husband and I are the only ones living in this house, but we are PIGS..... I swannie (southern term for swear)..... I think someone sneaks in at night to mess this place up! How can two people have so many dirty dishes, dirty clothes, discarded papers and all around trash?!?!?

Most days, I just overlook the mess. I would much rather be creating art than scrubbing toilets. Glitter & paper are much more attractive to me than those dang "scrubbing bubbles" that sing to you while they go down the drain. But now, even my sacred art room is so messy  it is effecting my creativity! Something must be done!

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When I think about it.....Housework is actually a POSITIVE thing that I should enjoy.  I should be thankful that I have a nice warm, comfortable place to live. I should be thankful that Darling Husband works so hard to provide for all of our needs. Actually, I do smile a little when I pick his dirty socks & underwear up off the floor ~ it's just so darn nice to have him around the house. 

Sometimes I feel guilty for being so blessed. While people around the world struggle to find food & shelter most of America lives like kings and queens comparatively speaking.

Thank God for dirty dishes,
they have a tale to tell;
while others may go hungry,
we're eating very well.

So, while I perpetuate the myth about hating housework so much, and pretend to be distraught about hours of polishing & sweeping & shining.....in my heart I will be grateful and humbled to do my chores in honor of my family, with love in my heart. Occasionally though, I will still use that old trick that my daughter taught me..."Oh Mom, you don't have to spend the day cooking & cleaning. Just put on an apron, throw a little cinnamon in the oven and flour on your face and sprinkle a little sweet-smelling-rug-cleaning powder on the floor. He will think you have been cooking & cleaning all day!"

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